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Guysborough County on the critical list; according to new Vital Signs report

The Quad Counties, outside of Antigonish, have very low upload and download speeds, and compared to the national average (average download 41.2 Mbps, average upload 17.5 Mbps), we’re playing with tin cans and string—Guysborough County’s average upload and download speeds are 3.45 Mbps and 1.31 Mbps respectively.

Local fishers concerned about changes to gear marking requirements

If you have never hauled a lobster pot, you probably have no idea how much rope is required to secure a pot on the ocean floor to a surface buoy. But you can probably guess that making changes to the rope on all non-tended fixed gear for fisheries in Eastern Canada would be a massive undertaking.  

editorial:  Uh, What Day Is It?

On December 5, 2013 the province legislated that the third Monday of February, starting in 2015, would become a statutory holiday. But what should this new holiday celebrate?

Remembering the SS Arrow; 50 years after the spill

The ship ran aground on Cerberus Rock near the Cape Breton community of Arichat contaminating coastlines in Richmond and Guysborough Counties. To this day, oil spilt on February 4, 1970 can still be found on some rocks along the shore from Canso to Halfway Cove.

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It has been many years since Brian Mulroney ran in an election. But if he did, judging by the adulation he received from the packed auditorium gathered at St. F.X. University Wednesday morning, he’d win handily….He may just be Canada’s Jimmy Carter.

Old Growth Forest Saved In Guysborough County

GUYSBOROUGH – Last week the Minister of the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Margaret Miller, in reaction to a Forest Technical Note on the Lawlor Lake area in Guysborough County released on May 9, stated that the department had allowed old growth forest to be harvested in contravention of department policy.

DNA of longtime family dog in Canso could force move

For almost a decade Carrieann Parker’s family has included a dog named Chico. The dog, which she got as a pup, has been part of day-to-day life as the young family saw their number increase from one child to three. Last week the family was informed by a hand-delivered letter from the Municipality of the District of Guysborough that they must find a new home for Chico within four days, or the municipality would do it for them.

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Jamie hopes that his music will help start an important conversation about the violence that youth face in our communities. While it is a common trope in American rap and R&B music to highlight the issue of violence perpetrated against young black men.

Shooting for the stars, again: Ex-astronaut Roberta Bondar showcases art

Role model, icon, passionate earthling, Canada’s astronaut queen; Dr. Roberta Bondar can be described with a galaxy of appellations. But since she captured the imagination and heart of the nation as Canada’s first female astronaut on Discovery mission STS-42 in 1992, she has been roundly recognized as a leading light in matters of science and later, with her photography-based projects, art.

Messages of hope alive in Medicine Songs: Sainte-Marie set to perform across province

Canadian icon, activist, artist and singer Buffy Sainte-Marie is coming to Nova Scotia in November on a tour to promote her new album, Medicine Songs, and take part in several speaking engagements. With decades of experience working on social justice issues through song and action, Sainte-Marie is one of the most recognizable voices in Canadian entertainment. She spoke to The Chronicle Herald from her home in Hawaii about her forthcoming album and her social justice work.

MacIvor finds his focus in Guysborough

MacIvor sites the example of Marfa, Texas, a down-on-its-luck, former army airforce town that turned its empty lots and storefronts into an art mecca. “It’s a crazy little place where they put in some galleries and some studios and now people come from all over to go to Marfa. And I feel that Guysborough could become like that. A place where interesting people could come in and do work.”

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Report Links Ukrainian Rocket Firm to North Korean Program

The Times article named the supply source of North Korea’s missile engines as the Ukrainian Yuzhnoye State Design Office and Yuzhmash Production Association. This is the same conglomerate that is in partnership with Maritime Launch Services, which is proposing the Nova Scotia spaceport.

Mission to watery Europa gains support

To everything there is a season and it appears that Europa’s may have swung back into orbit, ascending once again in popularity among those in the interplanetary know.

Honeybees, a blueberry’s best friend

For many years it has been known that bees pollinate important crops. In Nova Scotia, work began in the 1940s and 50s at the Agriculture College in Truro examining the importance of honey bees in the cultivation of wild blueberries. Last month that blueberry-honey bee relationship was further solidified by an announcement that the Atlantic Tech Transfer Team for Apiculture would work to further consolidate the relationship between honey bees and wild blueberry production in Atlantic Canada.

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Canso Worries About Shrimp Share

The fishery uses small fishing boats, harvests close to shore using less fuel, does not disturb the ocean bottom, reduces by-catch and only captures mature shrimp. These practices are all beneficial to shrimp populations and their environment.It also benefits rural fishermen and the local community. The shrimp trap fishery season runs from the end of September to March, a winter harvest that staves off seasonal unemployment that is the bane of rural Nova Scotia.

Sympathy For The Devil On The Campaign Trail

I have seen politicians who get too big for their britches, who grease palms and kiss too many babies to seem sincere. I have also seen politicians whose skin was not thick enough to deal with the everyday criticism directed at them by opposing politicians and voters.

I have seen service-minded people become mean-spirited under such strain. Politics can change a person. The stress, the lack of sleep — the road to hell and a seat in the provincial assembly is often paved with good intentions.

Newsflash – Childcare Spaces A Mirage In Rural N.S.

Rural Nova Scotia is being hollowed out and looks, demographically, like a senior’s retirement community. In not addressing the absence of childcare in our rural communities, the government, in its consultation processes, is ensuring this trend will continue. Rural families need to work. When we work, we need childcare, regulated or unregulated. We aren’t picky because when you have nothing, anything that isn’t nothing is good.

Practice Of Poaching Doctors Overseas Unethical

Doctors are bleeding from the African continent like an arterial hemorrhage. If the practice of overseas doctor recruitment isn’t stopped, there will be no health-care personnel left on the ground in countries where people are most in need.

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Psychotherapist plants roots in Guysborough, starts sailing club, theatre troupe

Many people who come to Nova Scotia for a vacation fantasize about staying, and some actually take the plunge and make a new life on these shores. Kate Tompkins is one of those people. And aside from a love of the land she’s brought numerous talents to the rural community of Guysborough she now calls home.

Neighbours saving history in Canso

Coming into Canso Harbour you’ll see houses crouched on the coast, the Catholic Church on the hill and Hart House, one of the oldest surviving buildings in the historic fishing community. Hart House, built circa 1812, claims two full storeys and an imposing attic with three dormer windows that send observers back in time to the days when the harbour was full of sailing ships and the streets were a hubbub of activity.

Sculpture as wearable art
Award winning jeweller makes her home in Boylston

BOYLSTON — The phutt, phutt of a torch and the clang of a hammer on an anvil—these are the sounds of Clair Bridge at work in her studio. A fine jewelry maker, Bridge has a workshop that may put many in mind of a blacksmith’s shop– though on a smaller scale. She works with metal; first with a torch, then cooled in a brine solution, placed on an anvil and then sets upon with a variety of hammers to create the desired texture and sheen.

Canso native paints local landscapes in unique style

In a small room on the top floor, Avery has set up his work room; easel, paints, and bit of household overspill. It’s cozy and a wall full of his paintings sets the backdrop for the perfect portrait of an artist at work.

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